Alcos also means concentration systems for tomato and tropical fruits and continental fruits, with “forced circulation” technology, as continental fruits and dairy products by “falling film” technology, as well as the new one with “mixed hybrid” technology evaporators.



Alcos forced circulation evaporators are specific concentrators for high-quality concentrates of fruit and concentrated tomato (also double and triple strength), both in “hot-break” and “cold-break”, and thanks to a specific design that reduces considerably the temperatures, to maintain all the organoleptic characteristics of the product to be concentrated, as well as all structures are created to maximize energy efficiency and reduce management costs. The flow of forced circulation into tubolar nest built with the best materials, with separate collecting condensate chambers and centrifugal recirculating pumps selected among the best on the market for the most suitable flow rates, in relation to the quantities to be worked, a correct rate of heat exchanging and consequently minimizing the risks of “overcooking” and burning, this making each vertical effect a more than suitable concentration machine. Condensers may be at surface, barometric or semi-barometric. Our evaporators are realized as a single effect, up to four effects, with production capacity up to 1500 tons/day, and are customizable with options such as: product extraction pumps; aroma recovery system; “hot-break” system upstream of the tomato evaporator and highly viscous products.



Alcos falling film evaporators, while maintaining the same “design” featured on forced circulation evaporators, with low running costs and maximizing energy efficiency, are an optimal solution for thermosensitive products such as clarified fruit juice concentrates and red fruit juices red or similar, as well as is suitable for milk and dairy products and all products that require low operating temperatures and retention time. Alcos film evaporators can be single, double, or triple, and can be equipped with either thermal vapor recompression (TVR) or mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) systems to optimize steam consumption.



Finally, Alcos is able to provide, for modular productions, optimizing maximum consumption and temperatures, and to obtain high-quality products, its own system of so-called “hybrids”, which combine the two technologies: forced circulation and falling film. These are the evaporators M.E.E.T. (Mixed Evaporator Evolution Task) with two and four effects up to 1000 ton/day.

Using a dual heat exchanger system, from above and below, using both technologies: forced recirculation by centrifugal pumps and gravitational falling through the thin layer, typical of the above solutions, make it possible to have a high standard product, and energy consumption, yield and absolute, significantly lower than traditional equipment.