Alcos in its long history, spanning more than 35 years, has developed a series of technologies of the highest standards for the packaging of foods, both hot and aseptic, for “end user”, as well as, for customers in the industrial sector, for a very considerable number of food products as:

  • Concentrated and Tomato Sauce;
  • Sauces, Creams and Vegetables Conserved;
  • Soft Drinks;
  • Fruits Turbid and Clarified Juices, and Fruit Concentrates;
  • Fruits and Vegetables Cubed and Chopped;
  • Marmelades and Jams;
  • Olive, Sunflower, Corn and Soya Oil;
  • Conserved Fish;
  • In Oil and Pickles Food Stuffs;
  • Soft Cheese;
  • Milk, Yoghurt and Dairy products;
  • Bases for Ice-Creams;
  • Liquid Eggs;

The plants that Alcos is capable of providing directly on its development and project are: