Alcos also means aseptic filling. More recently, our company has developed its line of aseptic fillers “STERFILL®“, based on a decades-old technology of the highest level thanks to the introduction of the personal know-how of one of the founding fathers of world aseptic technology: Renato Ponzi, founder of ELPO companies (acronym of two famous pioneers Ellenberg-Ponzi); ASTEPO (acronym of ASeptic TEchnology POnzi) and ASEPSYSTEMS, who recently disappeared, but whose witness was raised by his daughter and family, respecting the memory and the groove traced by a great inventor and creative mechanic at the expense of many who try to imitate and to adopt the know-how without titles and skills.

Aseptic fillers ALCOS can be two heads or single head. They can operate with any type of aseptic bag in the widest range of filling, with 2-3-5-10-25-220 bags and even 1000 liters, all can be packed in a single machine and with all types of cap 1″ inch and 2” inches spout, with interchangeable filling capacity and on depending from customer requirements. All models are predisposed with accurate and safe, product flow control system, using magnetic or mass flowmeters, depending on the product customer want to fill: concentrated fruit juices and not; vegetables soups and fruit puree; ketchup, mayonnaise; sauces and seasonings; milk; cream and besciamella; ice cream bases and yogurt; liquid eggs.

The “STERFILL®” Fillers can be in the following models:

RENAPACK “bag-in-box” aseptic bags from 2 to 25 liters

semi-automatic mono-head on movable base for filling up to 100 bags/h, or mono or double head with automatic feeder up to 600 bags/h.

AS-TH200 “bag-in-drums” 220 liter aseptic bags

single or double semi-automatic heads mounted on fixed working platform and crawler roller conveyor for handling of barrels, with filling capacity from 25 to 50 bags/h.

AS-TH1000 “bag-in-bins” 1000 liter aseptic bags

single or double semi-automatic heads mounted on fixed working platform and expanded and motorized roller conveyor for handling of big containers, with filling capacity from 20 to 40 bags/h.