The capper ALCOS model “A-150” is a high technology machine that, its reliability, easy change of cap size, high vacuum values ​​and hygiene, is particularly suitable for industries of canned vegetables and beverage.
Constructed entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316, it has a clamping unit capsules with 2 stages of pre-tightening, while the best competitor has only one phase, for a perfect fit and a secure and firm closure, with high vacuum value, the best than competitors.
The steam group of the machine has a patented system from Alcos Srl: “SteamAl®” that consists of a specific closed room, with crankcase vapor extraction system shut-off valves and condensate drains, where it guarantees, with the total elimination of air at the time of closure, between the cover and the liquid level, an elevated hygienic standard and elimination of extraneous agents to make the machine perfectly “Ultra-Clean” according to the strict US FDA and 3A sanitary standards.

“A-150” is able to use the capsules Euro Twist, Twist Caps, Pray Off and Pray Twist, with the minimum of consumption of electricity, air, water and steam, working with an extended capacity up to 200 capsules per minute, and it is supplied as standard without extra cost of remote magnetic feeder.

Technical data sheet