The ALCOS rotary piston filler model “RDA” is the new standard range of rotary filling. The “RDA” are technological machines but also versatile and easy to use. Allows the filling of liquid, dense, semi-dense and suspended solids, such as tomato paste, jam, mayonnaise, pathé, honey, oils, mustard, ketchup and sauces, soft cheese creams, truffles and mushrooms creams, in plastic containers, metal cans or glass jars. The special design “Ergom®” of the pistons rectified and made of stainless steel, has been developed entirely by ALCOS, to allow the perfect guide of the piston in the cylinder itself, in the dose phase.
The race on the inlet and pumped is controlled by an actuator to the latest generation of digital drive, which via the control unit from the PLC “touch-screen” allows the setting of all the operations necessary for a perfect packaging work, ensuring both a setting automated assay of the product accordingly to the recipe easily settable in the PLC unit, either by entering corrections “just-in-time” to the dosing volume, even minimal, for each unit of containers. Lastly, the automatic system “no can-no fill”, the synchronization of the containers under the filling valves, by means of independently controlled auger and the control of the three levels in the hopper, by level sensors, which interact with the PLC unit commanding the arrest or opening of the filling valve, define and complete the highest standards of automation achieved by our machines. Automation that simplifies enormously, processes and manufacturing, thereby reducing product waste and loss of time.
The filling machines, all with motorized and controlled by an inverter rides, are available with a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 20 pistons, with the possibility of filling from the top or from the bottom for foaming products.
In the meantime we cannot don’t mention the ease of cleaning and sanitizing. The already mentioned special ergonomic design of the piston allows for a rapid dismantling in 3 simple steps! Nothing comparable with the competitors still tied to old building schemes and no functionality. To this it’s that combines the large capacity feed hopper is, internally, mirror polished and equipped with inner washing diosphere to automated control. All this makes frequent washing and fast, guaranteeing an absolute level.
Completing this extraordinary technological machine equipment of the highest level as the insulated hopper for maintaining the product temperature, the agitators in the hopper for a perfect mixing of the product, the automatic height adjustment of the filling heads and patented technology ALCOS of its nozzles “anti-drop”, which allow a fill always perfect and without waste and leakage of any kind, always maintaining the clean fill area, even after hours of continuous use.