Alcos is the best quality for heat treatment and sterile processing of fruit juices and puree, vegetables puree, concentrated and clarified juices of fruits and vegetables, soups, sauces, milk and dairy products.

Our company can provide sterilizers in different solution technology: concentric 4 tubes in tube, for low acid products, fruits and vegetables, concentrated and natural puree; corrugated multiple tubes for medium or low viscosity products for vegetables soups, natural red fruit puree, etc.; scraped surface for fruits and vegetables juices and puree with particles and dices; plates for milk and dairy heat treatment.

And for a complete solution heat treatment sterilization and aseptic and sterile filling we propose the monoblock “ASEPACK” a complete heat exchanger with heating section, holding and cooling system (single or double for chilled water); receiving tank and CIP Unit, with 2 double aseptic filling heads, all in a single stainless steel platform perfectly fitted for a 40’ feet container so to have a complete line of processing+ filling in the most compact solution in a single machine with variable capacity from 1000 to 5000 kg/h working capacity.