Alcos is able to provide a pasteurization tunnel unit, in different sizes, for the pasteurization of the packaged product.

The unit consists of a solid structure in stainless steel AISI 304 subjected to protective coating.

Internally they are anchored tanks that feed the upper showers and externally all the command and control instruments of both the mechanical cycle and temperatures are positioned.

Inside the machine, the containers rest on a plastic chain and, by means of an external gear motor, advancing in the various sections encountering the upper showers, at different temperatures, up to the exit. The speed of advance of the containers can be adjusted by a PLC which allows to vary the duration, and temperature of the cycle and is provided with an operator panel that allows to verify and set all of the machine control parameters, and a chart recorder electronic which stores the values ​​of all the variables that control the pasteurization stages.

This cycle is designed to ensure a cooling water saving and regulated by appropriate instrumentation that maintains a constant water temperature in the tanks. All tanks are equipped with doors of access on one side, to allow the cleaning and periodic maintenance and double filters panel.

The machine is equipped with an automated system, applied to the areas of pre-pasteurization and pasteurization, which allows to avoid an excess of heating of the product in case of stop of the internal conveyor. Finally, the machine is provided with a discharge conveyor, of the type with steel shutters in three runs with shores adjustable and, increasingly, with controllable speed and variable, which leads to a dripping group placed on the tape of discharge conveyor with adjustable air nozzles.